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Information For Professionals

Professionals who work with alcoholics share a common purpose with Alcoholics Anonymous: to help the alcoholic stop drinking and lead a healthy, productive life. We can serve as a source of personal experience with alcoholism as an ongoing support system for recovering alcoholics.

For more information about Bridging the Gap, a program that links the alcoholic in alcoholic treatment to temporary AA contact, please visit NENY Bridging the Gap.  

AA may be available to bring a meeting into your treatment facility.  Please contact the Area Treatment Chair at

For more information about A.A. as a whole, please visit

A recent Membership Survey of Alcoholics Anonymous confirms growing trust and transparency in the relationships between alcoholics and their health caregivers – doctors, nurses, counselors and others – who, in turn, appear to be more informed about A.A. Fifty seven percent of members said they had been referred to A.A. by a health care professional. Sixty-four percent said they had received some type of treatment or counseling before coming to A.A., and, of these, 74% said it had played an important part in directing them to Alcoholics Anonymous.   2014 Membership Survey

Our area Cooperation with the Professional Community chair can be reached at