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Area Event Report Form (Fillable) Assemblies, Fellowship Days, Days of Sharing, Inventory Days



The group add and change forms below allow for “filling in the blanks” and sending to our records/registrar in electronic file format.

NEW GROUP FORM / GROUP CHANGE FORM:  Use this form if you would like to start a new group or have changes to make to your existing group.  Before starting a new group, be sure you have a regular meeting place, time, and have selected a name for your group.  To form a Group, you must have at least one contact, and a meeting format, time and place.  Full name and address of the contact are required for registering a group.  Below you’ll find the link for submitting your new group or existing group’s change to the area:

New Group Form / Group Change Form

Snail Mail New Group and Group Change Forms:

The group add and change forms below allow you to print the document and submit changes by mail. (See mailing address below)

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NENY Area Association
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#114 118 Polar Plaza, Amsterdam, NY 12010

New Group Form (RTF)

Group Change Form (RTF)