Area Secretary

The NENY Area secretary is responsible for recording the minutes of area meetings and assemblies.  The secretary communicates those minutes to members by email and in the area newsletter, as well as on this page.  The secretary can be reached at

May 2024 Voting Assembly

March 2024 Delegate’s Day

January 2024 Orientation Day

November 2023 Fellowship Day

October 2023 Voting Assembly

September 2023 Election Assembly – Minutes
September 2023 Election Results

June 2023 Joy of Service Day

May 2023 Voting Assembly

April 2023 Fellowship Day

February 2023 Delegates Day of Sharing

January 2023 Orientation Day

November 2022 Inventory Day

October 2022 Voting Assembly

September 2022 Fellowship Day

June 2022 Joy of Service Day

May 2022 Voting Assembly

April 2022 Fellowship Day

March 2022 Day of Sharing with your Delegate

January 2022 Orientation Day

November 2021 Fellowship Day

October 2021 Voting Assembly

September 2021 Election Assembly

June 2021 Joy of Service Day Minutes

May 2021 Voting Assembly Minutes

April 2021 Fellowship Day Minutes

March 2021 Delegates Day of Sharing Minutes

January 2021 Orientation Day Minutes

November 2020 Inventory Day Minutes – Revised

October 2020 Voting Assembly Minutes

Sept. 2020 Fellowship Day Minutes

June 2020 Joy of Service Minutes

May 2020 Assembly Minutes

April 1, 2020 Teleconference

March 2020 Fellowship Day Minutes Revised

January 2020 Minutes

November 2019 Minutes
October 2019 Minutes
September 2019 Minutes
June 2019 Minutes
May Assembly 2019 Minutes
March 2019 Minutes
January 2019 Orientation Day
November 2018 Inventory Day Minutes
October 2018 Voting Assembly Minutes
June 2018 Joy of Service Day Minutes
May 2018 Voting Assembly Minutes
April 2018 Delegates Day Minutes
February 2018 Fellowship Day Minutes
October 2017 October Assembly Minutes
June 2017 Fellowship Day Minutes
May 2017 Assembly Minutes
March 2017 Fellowship Day Minutes
January 2017 Inventory Day Minutes
November 2016 Fellowship Day Minutes
October 2016 Assembly Minutes
September 2016 Fellowship Day reports

May 2016 Assembly Minutes

April 2016 Delegate’s Day of Sharing Minutes

March 2016 Fellowship Day minutes