These newsletters include information about A.A. history and current activities; sharing from groups, service committees, and individual A.A. members; and notices of upcoming events.


About A.A. is the newsletter from the General Service Office of the U.S. and Canada for professionals of all types who deal with alcoholics, including professionals in the fields of healthcare, law, corrections and clergy.

To view the current and past copies online, or subscribe: Visit www.aa.org/pages/en_US/about-aa-newsletter-for-professionals

Box 459

Box 4-5-9 is a quarterly news bulletin from the U.S./Canada General Service Office. This newsletter includes information about A.A. service, literature, events, sharing from groups, service committees and individual U.S./Canada A.A. members. To read past issues or subscibe to Box 459, Visit: www.aa.org/pages/en_US/box-4-5-9-news-and-notes-from-gso

To have your AA Event listed in Box 4-5-9 click here.

Some guidelines for listing include:

  • Event must be two or more days.
  • Event may take place in the United States, Canada or countries outside of these.
  • Event must be open to all A.A. members and not solely for members of an individual group or meeting.

Due to limited space, Box 4-5-9 does not list:

  • Alkathons
  • Sober Cruises
  • Group Anniversaries
  • Group Events
  • Retreats
  • Marathon Meetings
  • Social/Family Focused Events
  • One Day Events
  • Non-A.A. Focused nor Multi-Focused Events
  • Pre/Post, Multi-Destination Tag-a-longs or Caravans

To be included in Box 4-5-9, event submissions must be received at G.S.O. at least four months prior to the event.

Markings AA Archives Nwewletter

The Archives eNewsletter, Markings features stories about the history of A.A. and articles relating to the Archives profession for A.A. local Archivists involved in gathering and preserving the Fellowship’s history.

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