Starting a New Service Position?

If you are starting a new service position…

Congratulations and thank you for your service!


Group Service Representatives (GSRs):

If you are a new GSR please be sure to visit our GSR Website to find information and updates helpful to your position. You can also travel to the GSR page anytime by clicking “The GSR Forum” along the menu of this website. Also, please be sure to register as a new GSR for your homegroup. This can be found on the GSR website, or you can go to it directly by clicking here.


District or Area Service Email Accounts:

If you have been elected to a District or Area service position, we suggest you start using the service email account that Area 48 provides. For help getting set up with the District or Area service email account please click here for more information on how to do that.


Notify District or Area Records of your new position:

We also ask that you let the Area and District know of your new position. To do this please contact your districts records keeper by emailing them. To email your district’s records chair please use the following email address but replace the “XX” with the numerical digit of your district: For example, the district 5 records email address is