New GSR Information

#1 New GSR packet Click the link below to access the new GSR Packet. It will open a PDF with links to all the documents in the new GSR Packet.

Access New GSR Packet

You should receive a new GSR Packet in the mail from GSO within 3 weeks to 6 months of updating your groups contact information.

The Group Memo contained in the packet is addressed specifically to you and your group. You’re not able to access it online, but it will come in your mailed packet. It’s a very nice letter, but honestly doesn’t contain any pertinent information that you need immediately. The part most people find most helpful on this letter is their group service number. This number can also be found in the meeting finder.

  • Use the search bar to search for your group name
  • Click on your meeting
  • In the notes section you will see [GSO#00000] <This is your group service number


Please note that sometimes GSO has a backlog and may take longer. If you have t received your packet, you should verify with your DISTRICT records keeper that they have submitted your updated contact information to the Area 48 Records Keeper. As a GSR it is part of your job to attend the district meetings and you should be able to speak with the district records keeper at this meeting.

#2 Area 48 NENY Service Manual You can find the area service manual on this page.

The Area service manual describes how our specific area, NENY Area 48 operates. The AAWS (AA World Services) manual describes how AA operates at a larger level. Both are good resources, but it’s important to note they are different. You can often get a print copy of the NENY Area Service Manual by attending an Area 48 assembly or other Area 48 meeting.

#3 Attend your district meeting

You can find when and where your district meets here

#4 Attend an Area Meeting

As a GSR you should be attending both the district meeting and the area meetings. A list of area events can be found here