It is suggested that all area and district officers and committee chairs use emails specific to their position. There are several reasons. First, because of our 11th Tradition on Anonymity personal emails should never be published as an AA contact, on a website or in a flyer. 2nd. It’s much easier to keep continuity when one person rotates out of a position and another rotates in. Any information and contacts that are pertinent to the position are left for the person rotating in. Finally, the contact information remains the same regardless of who is in the position.

Area 48 suggests that you request a mailbox for your position if none exists. If one does exist, then have the person who currently uses the box change the Recovery Phone Number or 2 step verification from their number to yours, and then give you their current password to log in to email. You can then change the password (recommended).

If the current password is unknown, then contact the webmaster and request a password reset for the mailbox.  You will then get an email with a link to reset the password.

Our accounts are through Gmail but managed by the Area 48 Tech Committee.